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Food Chakras
Raspberry Jam. 2013.11x8.5
Spinach Omelet.2013.11x8.5
Pomegranite Jam.2013. 11 x 8.5
IMG_6756 edited

The "sculptograph" format which Yassi developed while an Artist in Residence at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation on Captiva Island later became the basis of a series entitled Food Chakras. The base images of these sculptographs, including the Food Chakras,  are derived from color-manipulated 3D scans of the hand-thrown flowers. Each unique Food Chakra incorporates drawing and painting over a selected base image which is first printed on handmade Japanese paper.

The inspiration for the Food Chakras came about in 2013 when the artist's energy was low and her blood chemistry was found to be out of balance. As a result, for a relatively brief period, she was told to eat certain foods in abundance, "an easy prescription." But she also needed to completely avoid many ingredients which left her missing her favorites.

Cravings turned into creations. And as food is energy, each Food Chakra is a visualization of the energy chakra of a particular dish, a sort of portrait.

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